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Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore

One thing we have learned at Spot on Polygraph from our clients over these years is the urgency that lies behind a polygraph test.

Most of the times a client would like to book an appointment immediately because of the nature of the test, for this reason we have this automated booking system in place on our website. The booking appointment allows any customer to immediately book the appointment and it is confirmed and final.


The advantage of this appointment system is:

  1. Quick
  2. Fast
  3. Accurate and
  4. Final
  5. You can choose your examiner.
  6. You can choose your own time and date
  7. You can choose what kind of test you prefer on the day.

What should you do to make use of this automated appointment booking system

  • The client only has to register once with his name, email, cell phone number.
  • You can select the examiner you prefer and book a slot
  • A slot equals 1 hour and 15 minutes per test on the day
  • Once that slot is taken it is not possible for another client to book the same slot on the same examiner you have chosen.
  • You can select any kind of test you prefer example:
    1. Polygraph Test
    2. Voice Stress Testing
    3. Eye Detection test
    4. Polygraph and Voice Stress Testing together real time
  • And then you press on the button “confirm the booking.”
  • Note once you book a slot you can’t cancel the booking therefore please make sure of the time and date.
  • If anything happens and you can’t go through with the test then please phone Steven at 082 545 2449 to postpone the appointment.

After you made a firmed booking

  • The booking will be send to you email address and will synchronize with outlook calendar.
  • You will receive an email and SMS 1 day before the test starts.
  • Once our office receives the confirmation we will immediately send you a formal quote
  • Please pay 75 % of the amount you have received on the formal quote to secure your slot(s) you have booked.
  • Ad hock clients should pay a 75 % after they receive a formal quote / Invoice otherwise booking is not confirmed.
  • Any slots booked by a regular client is final and will be invoice as agreed.