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Polygraph Services

Polygraph Services

Spot on Polygraph Services is one of the leading polygraph companies in South Africa Established in 2009. We understand the different modern challenges faced by the businesses and individuals alike, with wisdom, dedication and hard work we have learned to provide the best services of the highest quality to our customers.
Voice Stress Testing

Voice Stress Testing

The Examinations were administered by means of Avsapro proprietary voice stress analysis system. Avsapro captures subject responses for annotation (numbering); identification (CQ or RQ) and processing via Avsapro neural network processor. The Stress Values assigned are verified by examiner via manual inspection.
Lie Eye Detection

Lie Eye Detection

Lie Eye Detection (new polygraph equipment) Steven Steyn are proud to say that he was the very first person testing with the eye detect. Eye detect and polygraph testing are as accurate as 98.90 %. Eye detect services are: Accurate, Cost effective, Efficient and secure, Test is done in 30 minutes, Eye detect is bios, no examiner ....



We have a fully investigation team that deliver any kind of investigation request by a client. Our professional team have done some serious investigations over the last 28 years which included.

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Infidelity
  • High qualified cases

With regards to this service we advise our client to phone our office and our team leader will be glad to consult with the client and consider all the case facts followed with a full quote.



Mission | Vision | Values

Mission Statement

- We will apply and provide a professional service to our customers.
- We will dedicate ourselves individually to the code of ethics of The American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association.
- We will conduct ourselves at all times as professionals placed in a unique position of private and the public trust.
- We will respect and protect both the dignity and the civil rights of those with whom we have professional dealings.
- We will maintain the highest standards of qualification, taking on no task for which we are not thoroughly prepared.
- We will devote ourselves to the truth.


  • To be recognized as a reliable, unique and outstanding company providing Advanced Polygraph / Voice stress testing and Criminal Investigations.
  • To consistently grow our services in order to ensure the sustainability of our business.


  • We stake our reputation on the promise of service excellence, and we always go the extra –mile to accommodate the needs of our clients.This undertaking sets us apart from our peers.
  • We treat our clients as partners in our business, as our success depends on their support.
  • We ensure that every employee is afforded the opportunity for personal development to contribute positively to the general efficiency and health of our company.
  • Spot On Polygraph respects the wishes of our clients, and we treat their wishes with the utmost professional discretion.