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Mr S Steyn (CEO)

Spot on Polygraph was established in 2009 by Mr S Steyn (CEO)
Steven Steyn was a member of the South African Police Service from 1990 – 2008. During his service in the SAPS, he has been an Internal Investigation Officer and served the SAPS with pride.
  • In 2008, he resigned from the SAPS and proceeded with some studies in the security industry in New Zealand. In 2009, he then returned to South Africa and further continued his career in the lie detection Industry.
    He did his course in Voice Stress Analysing test and proceeded with the Advanced Course in 2009.
  • He then did his full polygraph course in Lie detection with the American Polygraph Association in 2010.
  • He then did his Advanced Polygraph Course with SAPA and in August 2012,
  • He continued with his training as a Voice Polygraph Instructor with Truth Verification Centre Polyvsa Institute in 2015.
  • He also studied the Eye lie detector course with the USA 2016 and was the first member testing with this eye lie detector instruments.
  • Steven Steyn is a fully Trained Forensic Psycho Physiologist and
  • Advanced Voice Stress Analyst, Advanced Voice Stress Trainer with the AVSAPRO Product.
  • Steven also done his advanced Polygraph Instructor course in 2018 with Bio Polygraph Israel.
  • Overall, he has over 35 years’ experience in the Interrogation and investigation sector.